Version: 3.1.5
filefn.h File Reference


class  wxPathList
 The path list is a convenient way of storing a number of directories, and when presented with a filename without a directory, searching for an existing file in those directories. More...


#define wxCHANGE_UMASK(mask)
 Under Unix this macro changes the current process umask to the given value, unless it is equal to -1 in which case nothing is done, and restores it to the original value on scope exit. More...


typedef off_t wxFileOffset
 The type used to store and provide byte offsets or byte sizes for files or streams. More...


enum  wxPosixPermissions {
  wxS_IRUSR = 00400,
  wxS_IWUSR = 00200,
  wxS_IXUSR = 00100,
  wxS_IRGRP = 00040,
  wxS_IWGRP = 00020,
  wxS_IXGRP = 00010,
  wxS_IROTH = 00004,
  wxS_IWOTH = 00002,
  wxS_IXOTH = 00001,
 File permission bit names. More...
enum  wxSeekMode {
 Parameter indicating how file offset should be interpreted. More...
enum  wxFileKind {
 File kind enumerations returned from wxGetFileKind(). More...


wxString wxGetOSDirectory ()
 Returns the Windows directory under Windows; other platforms return an empty string. More...
int wxParseCommonDialogsFilter (const wxString &wildCard, wxArrayString &descriptions, wxArrayString &filters)
 Parses the wildCard, returning the number of filters. More...
void wxDos2UnixFilename (wxChar *s)
 Converts a DOS to a Unix filename by replacing backslashes with forward slashes. More...
void wxUnix2DosFilename (wxChar *s)
 Converts a Unix to a DOS filename by replacing forward slashes with backslashes. More...
bool wxDirExists (const wxString &dirname)
 Returns true if dirname exists and is a directory. More...
void wxSplitPath (const wxString &fullname, wxString *path, wxString *name, wxString *ext)
time_t wxFileModificationTime (const wxString &filename)
 Returns time of last modification of given file. More...
bool wxRenameFile (const wxString &oldpath, const wxString &newpath, bool overwrite=true)
 Renames oldpath to newpath, returning true if successful. More...
bool wxCopyFile (const wxString &src, const wxString &dest, bool overwrite=true)
 Copies src to dest, returning true if successful. More...
bool wxFileExists (const wxString &filename)
 Returns true if the file exists and is a plain file. More...
bool wxMatchWild (const wxString &pattern, const wxString &text, bool dot_special)
 Returns true if the pattern matches the text; if dot_special is true, filenames beginning with a dot are not matched with wildcard characters. More...
wxString wxGetWorkingDirectory (char *buf=NULL, int sz=1000)
wxString wxPathOnly (const wxString &path)
 Returns the directory part of the filename. More...
bool wxIsWild (const wxString &pattern)
 Returns true if the pattern contains wildcards. More...
bool wxIsAbsolutePath (const wxString &filename)
 Returns true if the argument is an absolute filename, i.e. with a slash or drive name at the beginning. More...
wxString wxGetCwd ()
 Returns a string containing the current (or working) directory. More...
bool wxSetWorkingDirectory (const wxString &dir)
 Sets the current working directory, returning true if the operation succeeded. More...
bool wxConcatFiles (const wxString &src1, const wxString &src2, const wxString &dest)
 Concatenates src1 and src2 to dest, returning true if successful. More...
bool wxRemoveFile (const wxString &file)
 Removes file, returning true if successful. More...
bool wxMkdir (const wxString &dir, int perm=wxS_DIR_DEFAULT)
 Makes the directory dir, returning true if successful. More...
bool wxRmdir (const wxString &dir, int flags=0)
 Removes the directory dir, returning true if successful. More...
wxString wxFindNextFile ()
 Returns the next file that matches the path passed to wxFindFirstFile(). More...
wxString wxFindFirstFile (const wxString &spec, int flags=0)
 This function does directory searching; returns the first file that matches the path spec, or the empty string. More...
wxFileKind wxGetFileKind (int fd)
 Returns the type of an open file. More...
wxFileKind wxGetFileKind (FILE *fp)
wxString wxFileNameFromPath (const wxString &path)
char * wxFileNameFromPath (char *path)
char * wxGetTempFileName (const wxString &prefix, char *buf=NULL)
bool wxGetTempFileName (const wxString &prefix, wxString &buf)


const int wxInvalidOffset = -1
 A special return value of many wxWidgets classes to indicate that an invalid offset was given. More...