Version: 3.1.5
wxURI Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxURI, including all inherited members.

BuildUnescapedURI() const wxURI
BuildURI() const wxURI
CloneRefData(const wxObjectRefData *data) const wxObjectprotectedvirtual
Create(const wxString &uri)wxURI
CreateRefData() const wxObjectprotectedvirtual
GetClassInfo() const wxObjectvirtual
GetFragment() const wxURI
GetHostType() const wxURI
GetPassword() const wxURI
GetPath() const wxURI
GetPort() const wxURI
GetQuery() const wxURI
GetRefData() const wxObject
GetScheme() const wxURI
GetServer() const wxURI
GetUser() const wxURI
GetUserInfo() const wxURI
HasFragment() const wxURI
HasPath() const wxURI
HasPort() const wxURI
HasQuery() const wxURI
HasScheme() const wxURI
HasServer() const wxURI
HasUserInfo() const wxURI
IsKindOf(const wxClassInfo *info) const wxObject
IsReference() const wxURI
IsSameAs(const wxObject &obj) const wxObject
operator delete(void *buf)wxObject
operator new(size_t size, const wxString &filename=NULL, int lineNum=0)wxObject
operator==(const wxURI &uricomp) const wxURI
Ref(const wxObject &clone)wxObject
Resolve(const wxURI &base, int flags=wxURI_STRICT)wxURI
SetRefData(wxObjectRefData *data)wxObject
Unescape(const wxString &uri)wxURIstatic
wxObject(const wxObject &other)wxObject
wxURI(const wxString &uri)wxURI
wxURI(const wxURI &uri)wxURI