Version: 3.1.5
wxRect Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxRect, including all inherited members.

CenterIn(const wxRect &r, int dir=wxBOTH) const wxRect
CentreIn(const wxRect &r, int dir=wxBOTH) const wxRect
Contains(int x, int y) const wxRect
Contains(const wxPoint &pt) const wxRect
Contains(const wxRect &rect) const wxRect
Deflate(wxCoord dx, wxCoord dy)wxRect
Deflate(const wxSize &diff)wxRect
Deflate(wxCoord diff)wxRect
Deflate(wxCoord dx, wxCoord dy) const wxRect
GetBottom() const wxRect
GetBottomLeft() const wxRect
GetBottomRight() const wxRect
GetHeight() const wxRect
GetLeft() const wxRect
GetPosition() const wxRect
GetRight() const wxRect
GetSize() const wxRect
GetTop() const wxRect
GetTopLeft() const wxRect
GetTopRight() const wxRect
GetWidth() const wxRect
GetX() const wxRect
GetY() const wxRect
Inflate(wxCoord dx, wxCoord dy)wxRect
Inflate(const wxSize &diff)wxRect
Inflate(wxCoord diff)wxRect
Inflate(wxCoord dx, wxCoord dy) const wxRect
Intersect(const wxRect &rect)wxRect
Intersect(const wxRect &rect) const wxRect
Intersects(const wxRect &rect) const wxRect
IsEmpty() const wxRect
Offset(wxCoord dx, wxCoord dy)wxRect
Offset(const wxPoint &pt)wxRect
operator!=(const wxRect &r1, const wxRect &r2)wxRect
operator*(const wxRect &r1, const wxRect &r2)wxRect
operator*=(const wxRect &r)wxRect
operator+(const wxRect &r1, const wxRect &r2)wxRect
operator+=(const wxRect &r)wxRect
operator=(const wxRect &rect)wxRect
operator==(const wxRect &r1, const wxRect &r2)wxRect
SetBottom(int bottom)wxRect
SetBottomLeft(const wxPoint &p)wxRect
SetBottomRight(const wxPoint &p)wxRect
SetHeight(int height)wxRect
SetLeft(int left)wxRect
SetPosition(const wxPoint &pos)wxRect
SetRight(int right)wxRect
SetSize(const wxSize &s)wxRect
SetTop(int top)wxRect
SetTopLeft(const wxPoint &p)wxRect
SetTopRight(const wxPoint &p)wxRect
SetWidth(int width)wxRect
SetX(int x)wxRect
SetY(int y)wxRect
Union(const wxRect &rect) const wxRect
Union(const wxRect &rect)wxRect
wxRect(int x, int y, int width, int height)wxRect
wxRect(const wxPoint &topLeft, const wxPoint &bottomRight)wxRect
wxRect(const wxPoint &pos, const wxSize &size)wxRect
wxRect(const wxSize &size)wxRect