Version: 3.1.5
wxPenInfo Class Reference

#include <wx/pen.h>

Detailed Description

This class is a helper used for wxPen creation using named parameter idiom: it allows specifying various wxPen attributes using the chained calls to its clearly named methods instead of passing them in the fixed order to wxPen constructors.

For instance, to create a dotted blue pen with the given join style you could do

wxPen pen(wxPenInfo(*wxBLUE).Style(wxPENSTYLE_DOT).Join(wxJOIN_BEVEL));

Public Member Functions

 wxPenInfo (const wxColour &colour=wxColour(), int width=1, wxPenStyle style=wxPENSTYLE_SOLID)
wxPenInfoColour (const wxColour &col)
wxPenInfoWidth (int width)
wxPenInfoStyle (wxPenStyle style)
wxPenInfoStipple (const wxBitmap &stipple)
wxPenInfoDashes (int nb_dashes, const wxDash *dash)
wxPenInfoJoin (wxPenJoin join)
wxPenInfoCap (wxPenCap cap)
wxColour GetColour () const
wxBitmap GetStipple () const
wxPenStyle GetStyle () const
wxPenJoin GetJoin () const
wxPenCap GetCap () const
int GetDashes (wxDash **ptr)
int GetDashCount () const
wxDash * GetDash () const
bool IsTransparent () const
int GetWidth () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxPenInfo::wxPenInfo ( const wxColour colour = wxColour(),
int  width = 1,
wxPenStyle  style = wxPENSTYLE_SOLID 

Member Function Documentation

wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Cap ( wxPenCap  cap)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Colour ( const wxColour col)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Dashes ( int  nb_dashes,
const wxDash *  dash 
wxPenCap wxPenInfo::GetCap ( ) const
wxColour wxPenInfo::GetColour ( ) const
wxDash* wxPenInfo::GetDash ( ) const
int wxPenInfo::GetDashCount ( ) const
int wxPenInfo::GetDashes ( wxDash **  ptr)
wxPenJoin wxPenInfo::GetJoin ( ) const
wxBitmap wxPenInfo::GetStipple ( ) const
wxPenStyle wxPenInfo::GetStyle ( ) const
int wxPenInfo::GetWidth ( ) const
bool wxPenInfo::IsTransparent ( ) const
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Join ( wxPenJoin  join)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Stipple ( const wxBitmap stipple)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Style ( wxPenStyle  style)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Width ( int  width)