Version: 3.3.0
Utilities Overview

In addition to the wxWidgets libraries (see Library List), some utilities are available to the users in the utils hierarchy (even if some of them are explicitly conceived for wxWidgets maintenance and will probably be of little use to others).

Please note that these utilities only represent the utilities developed and maintained by the wxWidgets team. There are lots of other user-contributed and user-maintained packages such as:


Xnest-based display emulator for X11-based PDA applications.

This program can be found in utils/emulator.

Help Viewer

Helpview is a program for displaying wxWidgets HTML Help files. In many cases, you may wish to use the wxWidgets HTML Help classes from within your application, but this provides a handy stand-alone viewer. See wxHTML Overview for more details.

You can find Helpview in utils/helpview.


This utility creates a "cached" version of a .hhp file; using cached .hhp files in wxHtmlHelpController can dramatically improve the performance of the help viewer. See wxHtmlHelpController for more details.

You can find HHP2Cached in utils/hhp2cached.

Interface Checker

This utility compares the wxWidgets real interface contained in the include hierarchy with the wxWidgets interface used for documentation purposes and kept in the interface hierarchy.

Ifacecheck warns about incoherences (mainly wrong prototype signatures) and can even correct them automatically. It uses the XML outputs of the gccxml utility (see and of the Doxygen utility (see to do the comparisons.

It's explicitly designed for wxWidgets documentation needs and is probably of little use for anything else than wxWidgets docs reviewing.

You can find it in utils/ifacecheck.

Screenshot Generator

This utility automates the process of taking screenshots of various GUI components for use in the HTML documentation of wxWidgets.

You can find it in utils/screenshotgen.

wxWidgets XML Resource Compiler

This utility allows the user to compile binary versions of their XRC files, which are compressed and can be loaded faster than plain XRC files. See XML Based Resource System (XRC) for more info.

You can find it under utils/wxrc.