Version: 3.3.0
Environment Variables

This section describes all environment variables that affect execution of wxWidgets programs.

WXLOG_TIME_FORMAT If set, the contents of this variable is set as the initial timestamp used for logging, i.e. passed to wxLog::SetTimestamp(), on program startup. For example, this can be used to enable milliseconds in the timestamps by setting WXLOG_TIME_FORMAT=H:M:S.l or it could also be used to use ISO 8601 timestamp format instead of the default locale-dependent format. This variable is only used since wxWidgets 3.3.0.
WXTRACE This variable can be set to a comma-separated list of trace masks used in wxLogTrace calls; wxLog::AddTraceMask is called for every mask in the list during wxWidgets initialization. It only has an effect if debug logging is enabled, see wxLogTrace().
WXPREFIX (Unix only.) Overrides installation prefix. Normally, the prefix is hard-coded and is the same as the value passed to configure via the --prefix switch when compiling the library (typically /usr/local or /usr). You can set WXPREFIX if you are for example distributing a binary version of an application and you don't know in advance where it will be installed.
WXWEBREQUEST_BACKEND This variable can be set to override the choice of the default backend used by wxWebRequest, see wxWebSession::New(). Most common use is to set it to "CURL" to force using libcurl-based implementation under MSW or macOS platforms where the native implementation would be chosen by default.
WXSUPPRESS_SIZER_FLAGS_CHECK If set, disables asserts about using invalid sizer flags in the code. This can be helpful when running older programs recompiled with wxWidgets 3.1 or later, as these asserts are mostly harmless and can be safely ignored if the code works as expected.
WXSUPPRESS_GTK_DIAGNOSTICS If set to a non-zero value, wxApp::GTKSuppressDiagnostics() is called on program startup using the numeric value of this variable or the default value if it's not a number, so that e.g. setting it to "yes" suppresses all GTK diagnostics while setting it to 16 only suppresses GTK warning messages.
WXLANGUAGE This variable can be set to override OS setting of preferred languages and make wxUILocale::GetPreferredUILanguages() return the set list instead. The format is a superset of GNU's LANGUAGE variable: a colon-separated list of language tags (which are, in their simplest form, just the language names).