Version: 3.3.0
msgdlg.h File Reference


class  wxMessageDialog
 This class represents a dialog that shows a single or multi-line message, with a choice of OK, Yes, No and Cancel buttons. More...
class  wxMessageDialog::ButtonLabel
 Helper class allowing to use either stock id or string labels. More...


int wxMessageBox (const wxString &message, const wxString &caption=wxMessageBoxCaptionStr, int style=wxOK|wxCENTRE, wxWindow *parent=nullptr, int x=wxDefaultCoord, int y=wxDefaultCoord)
 Show a general purpose message dialog. More...


const char wxMessageBoxCaptionStr [] = "Message"
 Default message box caption string. More...

Variable Documentation

◆ wxMessageBoxCaptionStr

const char wxMessageBoxCaptionStr[] = "Message"

Default message box caption string.