Version: 3.3.0

Detailed Description

wxWidgets provides a set of classes to make use of the native thread capabilities of the various platforms.

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class  wxMessageQueue< T >
 wxMessageQueue allows passing messages between threads. More...
class  wxThreadEvent
 This class adds some simple functionality to wxEvent to facilitate inter-thread communication. More...
class  wxCondition
 wxCondition variables correspond to pthread conditions or to Win32 event objects. More...
class  wxCriticalSectionLocker
 This is a small helper class to be used with wxCriticalSection objects. More...
class  wxThreadHelper
 The wxThreadHelper class is a mix-in class that manages a single background thread, either detached or joinable (see wxThread for the differences). More...
class  wxCriticalSection
 A critical section object is used for exactly the same purpose as a wxMutex. More...
class  wxThread
 A thread is basically a path of execution through a program. More...
class  wxSemaphore
 wxSemaphore is a counter limiting the number of threads concurrently accessing a shared resource. More...
class  wxMutexLocker
 This is a small helper class to be used with wxMutex objects. More...
class  wxMutex
 A mutex object is a synchronization object whose state is set to signaled when it is not owned by any thread, and nonsignaled when it is owned. More...


enum  wxMessageQueueError {
 Error codes for wxMessageQueue<> operations. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ wxMessageQueueError

Error codes for wxMessageQueue<> operations.

This enum contains the possible return value of wxMessageQueue<> methods.

Category:  Threading

Indicates that the operation completed successfully.


Indicates that no messages were received before timeout expired.

This return value is only used by wxMessageQueue<>::ReceiveTimeout().


Some unexpected (and fatal) error has occurred.