Version: 3.3.0
wxWebViewArchiveHandler Class Reference

#include <wx/webviewarchivehandler.h>

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Detailed Description

A custom handler for the file scheme which also supports loading from archives.

The syntax for wxWebViewArchiveHandler differs from virtual file systems in the rest of wxWidgets by using a syntax such as scheme:///C:/example/;protocol=zip/main.htm Currently the only supported protocol is zip.


Library:  wxWebView
Category:  WebView
See also
wxWebView, wxWebViewHandler

Public Member Functions

 wxWebViewArchiveHandler (const wxString &scheme)
 Constructor. More...
virtual wxFSFileGetFile (const wxString &uri)
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxWebViewHandler
 wxWebViewHandler (const wxString &scheme)
 Constructor. More...
virtual wxString GetName () const
virtual void SetSecurityURL (const wxString &url)
 Sets a custom security URL. More...
virtual wxString GetSecurityURL () const
virtual void SetVirtualHost (const wxString &host)
 When using the edge backend handler urls are https urls with a virtual host. More...
virtual wxString GetVirtualHost () const
virtual void StartRequest (const wxWebViewHandlerRequest &request, wxSharedPtr< wxWebViewHandlerResponse > response)
 Implementing this method allows for more control over requests from the backend then GetFile(). More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ wxWebViewArchiveHandler()

wxWebViewArchiveHandler::wxWebViewArchiveHandler ( const wxString scheme)


Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFile()

virtual wxFSFile* wxWebViewArchiveHandler::GetFile ( const wxString uri)
A pointer to the file represented by uri.

Reimplemented from wxWebViewHandler.