Version: 3.3.0
wxSize Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxSize, including all inherited members.

DecBy(const wxPoint &pt)wxSize
DecBy(const wxSize &size)wxSize
DecBy(int dx, int dy)wxSize
DecBy(int d)wxSize
DecTo(const wxSize &size)wxSize
DecToIfSpecified(const wxSize &size)wxSize
GetHeight() constwxSize
GetWidth() constwxSize
IncBy(const wxPoint &pt)wxSize
IncBy(const wxSize &size)wxSize
IncBy(int dx, int dy)wxSize
IncBy(int d)wxSize
IncTo(const wxSize &size)wxSize
IsAtLeast(const wxSize &size) constwxSize
IsFullySpecified() constwxSize
operator!=(const wxSize &s1, const wxSize &s2)wxSizefriend
operator*(const wxSize &sz, int factor)wxSizefriend
operator*(const wxSize &sz, double factor)wxSizefriend
operator*(int factor, const wxSize &sz)wxSizefriend
operator*(double factor, const wxSize &sz)wxSizefriend
operator*=(int factor)wxSize
operator*=(double factor)wxSize
operator+(const wxSize &s1, const wxSize &s2)wxSizefriend
operator+=(const wxSize &sz)wxSize
operator-(const wxSize &s1, const wxSize &s2)wxSizefriend
operator-=(const wxSize &sz)wxSize
operator/(const wxSize &sz, int factor)wxSizefriend
operator/(const wxSize &sz, double factor)wxSizefriend
operator/=(int factor)wxSize
operator/=(double factor)wxSize
operator=(const wxSize &sz)wxSize
operator==(const wxSize &s1, const wxSize &s2)wxSizefriend
Scale(double xscale, double yscale)wxSize
Set(int width, int height)wxSize
SetDefaults(const wxSize &sizeDefault)wxSize
SetHeight(int height)wxSize
SetWidth(int width)wxSize
wxSize(int width, int height)wxSize