Version: 3.2.6
Todo List
Page Date and Time
Page Samples Overview
This sample isn't very didactive; it's more than a set of tests rather than a sample and thus should be rewritten with CppUnit and moved under "tests"
Member wxAuiManagerDock
wxAuiPaneInfo dock direction types used with wxAuiManager.
Member wxAuiManagerEvent::GetDC ()
What is this?
Member wxAuiManagerEvent::SetDC (wxDC *pdc)
What is this?
Class wxBitmapComboBox
create wxCB_PROCESS_ENTER rather than reusing wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER!
Member wxClipboard::IsSupported (const wxDataFormat &format)
The name of this function is misleading. This should be renamed to something that more accurately indicates what it does.
Class wxConnectionBase
Document this class.
Class wxDatagramSocket
Class wxDateTimeHolidayAuthority
Write wxDateTimeHolidayAuthority documentation.
Class wxDateTimeWorkDays
Write wxDateTimeWorkDays documentation.
Class wxDC

Precise definition of default/initial state.

Pixelwise definition of operations (e.g. last point of a line not drawn).

Member wxDefaultDateTime
Would it be better to rename this wxNullDateTime so it's consistent with the rest of the "empty/invalid/null" global objects?
Member wxFont::SetNativeFontInfoUserDesc (const wxString &info)
add an example for wxMac
Member wxGridCellAttr::SetDefAttr (wxGridCellAttr *defAttr)
Needs documentation.
Member wxHelpControllerBase::SetViewer (const wxString &viewer, long flags=wxHELP_NETSCAPE)
modernize this function with wxLaunchDefaultBrowser
Member wxHtmlTag::GetBeginPos () const
provide deprecation description
Member wxHtmlTag::GetEndPos1 () const
provide deprecation description
Member wxHtmlTag::GetEndPos2 () const
provide deprecation description
Class wxHtmlTagHandler
describe me
Page wxListCtrl Overview
The wxListCtrl topic overview still needs to be written, sorry.
Page wxMBConv Overview
rewrite this overview; it's not up2date with wxString changes
Member wxMediaCtrl::Seek (wxFileOffset where, wxSeekMode mode=wxFromStart)
Document the wxSeekMode parameter mode, and perhaps also the wxFileOffset and wxSeekMode themselves.
Member wxPenCap
use wxPENCAP_ prefix
Member wxPenJoin
use wxPENJOIN_ prefix
WHAT's this?
WHAT's this?
Member wxPreviewControlBar::CreateButtons ()
which flags??
Member wxPrintout::GetTitle () const
the python note here was wrong
Class wxScrolled< T >
review docs for this class replacing SetVirtualSizeHints() with SetMinClientSize().
Member wxScrollWinEvent::GetOrientation () const
wxHORIZONTAL and wxVERTICAL should go in their own enum
Member wxSizerItem::SetWindow (wxWindow *window)
provide deprecation description
Class wxSocketClient
describe me.
Class wxSocketServer
describe me.
Member wxVListBox::OnDrawBackground (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, size_t n) const
Change this function signature to non-const.
Member wxVListBox::OnDrawItem (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, size_t n) const =0
Change this function signature to non-const.
Member wxVListBox::OnDrawSeparator (wxDC &dc, wxRect &rect, size_t n) const
Change this function signature to non-const.