Version: 3.2.6
persist.h File Reference


class  wxPersistenceManager
 Provides support for automatically saving and restoring object properties to persistent storage. More...
class  wxPersistentObject
 Base class for persistent object adapters. More...


template<class T >
wxPersistentObjectwxCreatePersistentObject (T *obj)
 Function used to create the correct persistent adapter for the given type of objects. More...
template<class T >
bool wxPersistentRegisterAndRestore (T *obj, const wxString &name=wxString())
 A shorter synonym for wxPersistenceManager::RegisterAndRestore(). More...

Function Documentation

◆ wxCreatePersistentObject()

template<class T >
wxPersistentObject* wxCreatePersistentObject ( T *  obj)

Function used to create the correct persistent adapter for the given type of objects.

To be precise, there is no such template function definition but there are overloads of wxCreatePersistentObject() taking different object types for all wxWidgets classes supporting persistence. And you may also define your own overloads to integrate your custom classes with wxWidgets persistence framework.

See also
Defining Custom Persistent Windows

Include file:

#include <wx/persist.h> 

◆ wxPersistentRegisterAndRestore()

template<class T >
bool wxPersistentRegisterAndRestore ( T *  obj,
const wxString name = wxString() 

A shorter synonym for wxPersistenceManager::RegisterAndRestore().

This function simply calls wxPersistenceManager::RegisterAndRestore() but using it results in slightly shorter code as it calls wxPersistenceManager::Get() internally. As an additional convenience, this function can also set the window name.

objwxWindow-derived object to register with persistence manager and to try to restore the settings for.
nameIf not empty, obj name is changed to the provided value before registering it.
true if the settings were restored or false otherwise (this will always be the case when the program runs for the first time, for example).
2.9.0, name is new in 2.9.1.

Include file:

#include <wx/persist.h>