Version: 3.2.6
Library List

wxWidgets can be built either as a single large library (this is called a monolithic build) or as several smaller libraries (multilib build).

Multilib build is the default.

wxWidgets library is divided into libraries briefly described below. This diagram shows the dependencies between them:

Please note that arrows indicate the "depends from" relation and that all blue libraries depend on the wxBase library (i.e. they are non-GUI libraries), and all green libraries depend on the wxCore library (i.e. they are GUI libraries).

Until wxWidgets 3.1.2 some core GUI classes were in a separate wxAdvanced library, but this library was merged into wxCore and, while it's still preserved as an empty library for compatibility, should be never used any longer and will disappear completely in the future.


This contains the Advanced User Interface docking library.

Requires wxCore, wxBase.


Every wxWidgets application must link against this library. It contains mandatory classes that any wxWidgets code depends on (e.g. wxString) and portability classes that abstract differences between platforms. wxBase can be used to develop console mode applications, it does not require any GUI libraries or running X Window System on Unix.


Basic GUI classes such as GDI classes or controls are in this library. All wxWidgets GUI applications must link against this library, only console mode applications don't.

Requires wxBase.


This library contains wxGLCanvas class for integrating OpenGL library with wxWidgets. Unlike all others, this library is not part of the monolithic library, it is always built as separate library.

Requires wxCore and wxBase.


Simple HTML renderer and other wxHTML Overview are contained in this library, as well as wxHtmlHelpController, wxBestHelpController and wxHtmlListBox.

Requires wxCore and wxBase.


Miscellaneous classes related to multimedia. Currently this library only contains wxMediaCtrl but more classes will be added in the future.

Requires wxCore and wxBase.


Classes for network access:

Requires wxBase.


This contains the wxPropertyGrid control.

Requires wxCore, wxBase.


This is the library containing extra classes for quality assurance. Currently it only contains wxDebugReport and related classes, but more will be added to it in the future.

Requires wxXML, wxCore, wxBase.


This contains the Ribbon User Interface components library.

Requires wxCore, wxBase.


This contains generic rich text control functionality.

Requires wxHTML, wxXML, wxCore, wxBase.


STC (Styled Text Control) is a wrapper around Scintilla, a syntax-highlighting text editor. See for more info about Scintilla.

Requires wxCore, wxBase.


The wxWebView library contains the wxWebView control and its associated classes.

Requires wxCore, wxBase.


This library contains simple classes for parsing XML documents.

Requires wxBase.


This library contains wxXmlResource class that provides access to XML resource files in XRC format.

Requires wxHTML, wxXML, wxCore, wxBase.