Version: 3.2.5
docview.h File Reference


class  wxDocTemplate
 The wxDocTemplate class is used to model the relationship between a document class and a view class. More...
class  wxDocManager
 The wxDocManager class is part of the document/view framework supported by wxWidgets, and cooperates with the wxView, wxDocument and wxDocTemplate classes. More...
class  wxView
 The view class can be used to model the viewing and editing component of an application's file-based data. More...
class  wxDocChildFrame
 The wxDocChildFrame class provides a default frame for displaying documents on separate windows. More...
class  wxDocParentFrame
 The wxDocParentFrame class provides a default top-level frame for applications using the document/view framework. More...
class  wxDocument
 The document class can be used to model an application's file-based data. More...


typedef wxVector< wxDocument * > wxDocVector
 A vector of wxDocument pointers. More...
typedef wxVector< wxView * > wxViewVector
 A vector of wxView pointers. More...
typedef wxVector< wxDocTemplate * > wxDocTemplateVector
 A vector of wxDocTemplate pointers. More...


bool wxTransferFileToStream (const wxString &filename, ostream &stream)
 Copies the given file to stream. More...
bool wxTransferStreamToFile (istream &stream, const wxString &filename)
 Copies the given stream to the file filename. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ wxDocTemplateVector

typedef wxVector<wxDocTemplate*> wxDocTemplateVector

A vector of wxDocTemplate pointers.


◆ wxDocVector

typedef wxVector<wxDocument*> wxDocVector

A vector of wxDocument pointers.


◆ wxViewVector

typedef wxVector<wxView*> wxViewVector

A vector of wxView pointers.