Version: 3.2.6
datetime.h File Reference


class  wxDateTime
 wxDateTime class represents an absolute moment in time. More...
class  wxDateTime::TimeZone
 Class representing a time zone. More...
struct  wxDateTime::Tm
 Contains broken down date-time representation. More...
class  wxDateTimeWorkDays
class  wxDateSpan
 This class is a "logical time span" and is useful for implementing program logic for such things as "add one month to the date" which, in general, doesn't mean to add 60*60*24*31 seconds to it, but to take the same date the next month (to understand that this is indeed different consider adding one month to Feb, 15 – we want to get Mar, 15, of course). More...
class  wxTimeSpan
 wxTimeSpan class represents a time interval. More...
class  wxDateTimeHolidayAuthority


#define wxInvalidDateTime   wxDefaultDateTime


const wxDateTime wxDefaultDateTime
 Global instance of an empty wxDateTime object. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ wxInvalidDateTime

#define wxInvalidDateTime   wxDefaultDateTime

Variable Documentation

◆ wxDefaultDateTime

const wxDateTime wxDefaultDateTime

Global instance of an empty wxDateTime object.

Would it be better to rename this wxNullDateTime so it's consistent with the rest of the "empty/invalid/null" global objects?