Version: 3.2.6
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 Application and Process Management
 The classes in this section represent the application (see wxApp) or parts of it (e.g.
 Application and System configuration
 The classes in this section are used to handle application-wide settings and system-wide settings.
 Archive support
 Classes for managing (eventually compressed) archives.
 Book Controls
 A book control contains pages of other controls.
 Clipboard and Drag & Drop
 Related Overviews: Drag and Drop Overview.
 Common Dialogs
 Common dialogs are ready-made dialog classes which are frequently used in an application.
 These are classes, templates and class macros are used by wxWidgets.
 Typically, these are small windows which provide interaction with the user.
 Data Structures
 These are the data structure classes provided by wxWidgets.
 wxWidgets supports some aspects of debugging an application through classes, functions and macros.
 Device Contexts
 Device contexts are surfaces that may be drawn on, and provide an abstraction that allows parameterisation of your drawing code by passing different device contexts.
 Document/View Framework
 wxWidgets supports a document/view framework which provides housekeeping for a document-centric application.
 An event object contains information about a specific event.
 File Handling
 wxWidgets has several small classes to work with disk files and directories.
 Graphics Device Interface (GDI)
 The following are classes related to GDI (Graphics Device Interface) access.
 Grid Related Classes
 Classes related to the wxGrid generic widget.
 wxWidgets provides a set of classes to display text in HTML format.
 Classes for loading and displaying help manuals or help information in general.
 Interprocess Communication
 wxWidgets provides simple interprocess communications facilities based on Windows DDE, but they are available on most platforms using TCP.
 wxWidgets provides several classes and functions for message logging.
 Managed Windows
 There are several types of window that are directly controlled by the window manager (such as MS Windows, or the Motif Window Manager).
 Group of classes for handling menu bars and items.
 Group of miscellaneous classes.
 Miscellaneous Windows
 The following are a variety of classes that are derived from wxWindow.
 Classes for showing multimedia contents.
 wxWidgets provides its own classes for socket based networking.
 Classes interfacing wxWidgets with OpenGL (
 Picker Controls
 A picker control is a control whose appearance and behaviour is highly platform-dependent.
 Printing Framework
 A printing and previewing framework is implemented to make it relatively straightforward to provide document printing facilities.
 Ribbon User Interface
 The wxRibbon library is a set of classes for writing a ribbon user interface.
 Rich Text
 wxWidgets provides a set of generic classes to edit and print simple rich text with character and paragraph formatting.
 Runtime Type Information (RTTI)
 wxWidgets supports runtime manipulation of class information, and dynamic creation of objects given class names.
 Scintilla Text Editor
 wxWidgets also provides a wrapper around the Scintilla text editor control, which is a control for plain-text editing with support for highlighting, smart indentation, etc.
 Smart Pointers
 wxWidgets provides a few smart pointer class templates.
 wxWidgets has its own set of stream classes, as an alternative to often buggy standard stream libraries, and to provide enhanced functionality.
 Text Conversion
 These are the classes used for conversions between different text encodings.
 wxWidgets provides a set of classes to make use of the native thread capabilities of the various platforms.
 These are the window validators, used for filtering and validating user input.
 Virtual File System
 wxWidgets provides a set of classes that implement an extensible virtual file system, used internally by the HTML classes.
 The wxWebView library is a set of classes for viewing complex web documents and for internet browsing.
 Window Docking (wxAUI)
 wxAUI is a set classes for writing a customizable application interface with built-in docking, floatable panes and a flexible MDI-like interface.
 Window Layout
 wxWidgets makes window layout and sizing easy and painless using a set of classes known as "sizers".
 Group of classes loading and saving XML documents (
 XML Based Resource System (XRC)
 Resources allow your application to create controls and other user interface elements from specifications stored in an XML format.
 wxDataViewCtrl Related Classes
 These are all classes used or provided for use with wxDataViewCtrl.
 wxPropertyGrid is a specialized grid for editing properties (that is, name=value pairs).