Version: 3.2.5
wxTextAttrDimensions Class Reference

#include <wx/richtext/richtextbuffer.h>

Detailed Description

A class for left, right, top and bottom dimensions.

Library:  wxRichText
Category:  Rich Text
See also
wxRichTextAttr, wxRichTextCtrl, wxTextAttrDimension

Public Member Functions

 wxTextAttrDimensions ()
 Default constructor. More...
void Reset ()
 Resets the value and flags for all dimensions. More...
bool operator== (const wxTextAttrDimensions &dims) const
 Equality operator. More...
bool EqPartial (const wxTextAttrDimensions &dims, bool weakTest=true) const
 Partial equality test. More...
bool Apply (const wxTextAttrDimensions &dims, const wxTextAttrDimensions *compareWith=NULL)
 Apply to 'this', but not if the same as compareWith. More...
void CollectCommonAttributes (const wxTextAttrDimensions &attr, wxTextAttrDimensions &clashingAttr, wxTextAttrDimensions &absentAttr)
 Collects the attributes that are common to a range of content, building up a note of which attributes are absent in some objects and which clash in some objects. More...
bool RemoveStyle (const wxTextAttrDimensions &attr)
 Remove specified attributes from this object. More...
const wxTextAttrDimensionGetLeft () const
 Gets the left dimension. More...
wxTextAttrDimensionGetLeft ()
const wxTextAttrDimensionGetRight () const
 Gets the right dimension. More...
wxTextAttrDimensionGetRight ()
const wxTextAttrDimensionGetTop () const
 Gets the top dimension. More...
wxTextAttrDimensionGetTop ()
const wxTextAttrDimensionGetBottom () const
 Gets the bottom dimension. More...
wxTextAttrDimensionGetBottom ()
bool IsValid () const
 Are all dimensions valid? More...

Public Attributes

wxTextAttrDimension m_left
wxTextAttrDimension m_top
wxTextAttrDimension m_right
wxTextAttrDimension m_bottom

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ wxTextAttrDimensions()

wxTextAttrDimensions::wxTextAttrDimensions ( )

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Apply()

bool wxTextAttrDimensions::Apply ( const wxTextAttrDimensions dims,
const wxTextAttrDimensions compareWith = NULL 

Apply to 'this', but not if the same as compareWith.

◆ CollectCommonAttributes()

void wxTextAttrDimensions::CollectCommonAttributes ( const wxTextAttrDimensions attr,
wxTextAttrDimensions clashingAttr,
wxTextAttrDimensions absentAttr 

Collects the attributes that are common to a range of content, building up a note of which attributes are absent in some objects and which clash in some objects.

◆ EqPartial()

bool wxTextAttrDimensions::EqPartial ( const wxTextAttrDimensions dims,
bool  weakTest = true 
) const

Partial equality test.

If weakTest is true, attributes of this object do not have to be present if those attributes of dims are present. If weakTest is false, the function will fail if an attribute is present in dims but not in this object.

◆ GetBottom() [1/2]

wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetBottom ( )

◆ GetBottom() [2/2]

const wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetBottom ( ) const

Gets the bottom dimension.

◆ GetLeft() [1/2]

wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetLeft ( )

◆ GetLeft() [2/2]

const wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetLeft ( ) const

Gets the left dimension.

◆ GetRight() [1/2]

wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetRight ( )

◆ GetRight() [2/2]

const wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetRight ( ) const

Gets the right dimension.

◆ GetTop() [1/2]

wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetTop ( )

◆ GetTop() [2/2]

const wxTextAttrDimension& wxTextAttrDimensions::GetTop ( ) const

Gets the top dimension.

◆ IsValid()

bool wxTextAttrDimensions::IsValid ( ) const

Are all dimensions valid?

◆ operator==()

bool wxTextAttrDimensions::operator== ( const wxTextAttrDimensions dims) const

Equality operator.

◆ RemoveStyle()

bool wxTextAttrDimensions::RemoveStyle ( const wxTextAttrDimensions attr)

Remove specified attributes from this object.

◆ Reset()

void wxTextAttrDimensions::Reset ( )

Resets the value and flags for all dimensions.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bottom

wxTextAttrDimension wxTextAttrDimensions::m_bottom

◆ m_left

wxTextAttrDimension wxTextAttrDimensions::m_left

◆ m_right

wxTextAttrDimension wxTextAttrDimensions::m_right

◆ m_top

wxTextAttrDimension wxTextAttrDimensions::m_top