Version: 3.2.6
wxPGCellRenderer Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxPGCellRenderer, including all inherited members.

ChoicePopup enum valuewxPGCellRenderer
Control enum valuewxPGCellRenderer
Disabled enum valuewxPGCellRenderer
DontUseCellBgCol enum valuewxPGCellRenderer
DontUseCellColours enum valuewxPGCellRenderer
DontUseCellFgCol enum valuewxPGCellRenderer
DrawCaptionSelectionRect(wxDC &dc, int x, int y, int w, int h) constwxPGCellRenderervirtual
DrawEditorValue(wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, int xOffset, const wxString &text, wxPGProperty *property, const wxPGEditor *editor) constwxPGCellRenderer
DrawText(wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, int imageWidth, const wxString &text) constwxPGCellRenderer
GetImageSize(const wxPGProperty *property, int column, int item) constwxPGCellRenderervirtual
PostDrawCell(wxDC &dc, const wxPropertyGrid *propGrid, const wxPGCell &cell, int flags) constwxPGCellRenderer
PreDrawCell(wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, const wxPropertyGrid *propGrid, const wxPGCell &cell, int flags) constwxPGCellRenderer
Render(wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, const wxPropertyGrid *propertyGrid, wxPGProperty *property, int column, int item, int flags) const =0wxPGCellRendererpure virtual
Selected enum valuewxPGCellRenderer