Version: 3.2.5
wxIndividualLayoutConstraint Class Reference

#include <wx/layout.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for wxIndividualLayoutConstraint:

Public Member Functions

 wxIndividualLayoutConstraint ()
virtual ~wxIndividualLayoutConstraint ()
void Set (wxRelationship rel, wxWindow *otherW, wxEdge otherE, int val=0, int margin=wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN)
void LeftOf (wxWindow *sibling, int margin=wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN)
void RightOf (wxWindow *sibling, int margin=wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN)
void Above (wxWindow *sibling, int margin=wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN)
void Below (wxWindow *sibling, int margin=wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN)
void SameAs (wxWindow *otherW, wxEdge edge, int margin=wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN)
void PercentOf (wxWindow *otherW, wxEdge wh, int per)
void Absolute (int val)
void Unconstrained ()
void AsIs ()
wxWindowGetOtherWindow ()
wxEdge GetMyEdge () const
void SetEdge (wxEdge which)
void SetValue (int v)
int GetMargin () const
void SetMargin (int m)
int GetValue () const
int GetPercent () const
int GetOtherEdge () const
bool GetDone () const
void SetDone (bool d)
wxRelationship GetRelationship () const
void SetRelationship (wxRelationship r)
bool ResetIfWin (wxWindow *otherW)
bool SatisfyConstraint (wxLayoutConstraints *constraints, wxWindow *win)
int GetEdge (wxEdge which, wxWindow *thisWin, wxWindow *other) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxObject
 wxObject ()
 Default ctor; initializes to NULL the internal reference data. More...
 wxObject (const wxObject &other)
 Copy ctor. More...
virtual ~wxObject ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual wxClassInfoGetClassInfo () const
 This virtual function is redefined for every class that requires run-time type information, when using the wxDECLARE_CLASS macro (or similar). More...
wxObjectRefDataGetRefData () const
 Returns the wxObject::m_refData pointer, i.e. the data referenced by this object. More...
bool IsKindOf (const wxClassInfo *info) const
 Determines whether this class is a subclass of (or the same class as) the given class. More...
bool IsSameAs (const wxObject &obj) const
 Returns true if this object has the same data pointer as obj. More...
void Ref (const wxObject &clone)
 Makes this object refer to the data in clone. More...
void SetRefData (wxObjectRefData *data)
 Sets the wxObject::m_refData pointer. More...
void UnRef ()
 Decrements the reference count in the associated data, and if it is zero, deletes the data. More...
void UnShare ()
 This is the same of AllocExclusive() but this method is public. More...
void operator delete (void *buf)
 The delete operator is defined for debugging versions of the library only, when the identifier __WXDEBUG__ is defined. More...
void * operator new (size_t size, const wxString &filename=NULL, int lineNum=0)
 The new operator is defined for debugging versions of the library only, when the identifier __WXDEBUG__ is defined. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from wxObject
void AllocExclusive ()
 Ensure that this object's data is not shared with any other object. More...
virtual wxObjectRefDataCreateRefData () const
 Creates a new instance of the wxObjectRefData-derived class specific to this object and returns it. More...
virtual wxObjectRefDataCloneRefData (const wxObjectRefData *data) const
 Creates a new instance of the wxObjectRefData-derived class specific to this object and initializes it copying data. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from wxObject
 Pointer to an object which is the object's reference-counted data. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ wxIndividualLayoutConstraint()

wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::wxIndividualLayoutConstraint ( )

◆ ~wxIndividualLayoutConstraint()

virtual wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::~wxIndividualLayoutConstraint ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Above()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::Above ( wxWindow sibling,
int  margin = wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN 

◆ Absolute()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::Absolute ( int  val)

◆ AsIs()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::AsIs ( )

◆ Below()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::Below ( wxWindow sibling,
int  margin = wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN 

◆ GetDone()

bool wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetDone ( ) const

◆ GetEdge()

int wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetEdge ( wxEdge  which,
wxWindow thisWin,
wxWindow other 
) const

◆ GetMargin()

int wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetMargin ( ) const

◆ GetMyEdge()

wxEdge wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetMyEdge ( ) const

◆ GetOtherEdge()

int wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetOtherEdge ( ) const

◆ GetOtherWindow()

wxWindow* wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetOtherWindow ( )

◆ GetPercent()

int wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetPercent ( ) const

◆ GetRelationship()

wxRelationship wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetRelationship ( ) const

◆ GetValue()

int wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::GetValue ( ) const

◆ LeftOf()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::LeftOf ( wxWindow sibling,
int  margin = wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN 

◆ PercentOf()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::PercentOf ( wxWindow otherW,
wxEdge  wh,
int  per 

◆ ResetIfWin()

bool wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::ResetIfWin ( wxWindow otherW)

◆ RightOf()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::RightOf ( wxWindow sibling,
int  margin = wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN 

◆ SameAs()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::SameAs ( wxWindow otherW,
wxEdge  edge,
int  margin = wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN 

◆ SatisfyConstraint()

bool wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::SatisfyConstraint ( wxLayoutConstraints constraints,
wxWindow win 

◆ Set()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::Set ( wxRelationship  rel,
wxWindow otherW,
wxEdge  otherE,
int  val = 0,
int  margin = wxLAYOUT_DEFAULT_MARGIN 

◆ SetDone()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::SetDone ( bool  d)

◆ SetEdge()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::SetEdge ( wxEdge  which)

◆ SetMargin()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::SetMargin ( int  m)

◆ SetRelationship()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::SetRelationship ( wxRelationship  r)

◆ SetValue()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::SetValue ( int  v)

◆ Unconstrained()

void wxIndividualLayoutConstraint::Unconstrained ( )