Version: 3.2.6
wxHtmlTag Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxHtmlTag, including all inherited members.

GetAllParams() constwxHtmlTag
GetBeginPos() constwxHtmlTag
GetEndPos1() constwxHtmlTag
GetEndPos2() constwxHtmlTag
GetName() constwxHtmlTag
GetParam(const wxString &par, bool with_quotes=false) constwxHtmlTag
GetParamAsColour(const wxString &par, wxColour *clr) constwxHtmlTag
GetParamAsInt(const wxString &par, int *value) constwxHtmlTag
GetParamAsString(const wxString &par, wxString *value) constwxHtmlTag
HasEnding() constwxHtmlTag
HasParam(const wxString &par) constwxHtmlTag
ParseAsColour(const wxString &str, wxColour *clr)wxHtmlTagstatic
ScanParam(const wxString &par, const wchar_t *format, void *value) constwxHtmlTag
ScanParam(const wxString &par, const char *format, void *value) constwxHtmlTag
wxHtmlTag(wxHtmlTag *parent, const wxString *source, const const_iterator &pos, const const_iterator &end_pos, wxHtmlTagsCache *cache, wxHtmlEntitiesParser *entParser)wxHtmlTagprotected