Version: 3.2.5
wxGridRowHeaderRendererDefault Class Reference

#include <wx/grid.h>

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Detailed Description

Default row header renderer.

You may derive from this class if you need to only override one of its methods (i.e. either DrawLabel() or DrawBorder()) but continue to use the default implementation for the other one.

See also
wxGridColumnHeaderRendererDefault, wxGridCornerHeaderRendererDefault

Public Member Functions

virtual void DrawBorder (const wxGrid &grid, wxDC &dc, wxRect &rect) const
 Implement border drawing for the row labels. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxGridHeaderLabelsRenderer
virtual void DrawLabel (const wxGrid &grid, wxDC &dc, const wxString &value, const wxRect &rect, int horizAlign, int vertAlign, int textOrientation) const
 Called by the grid to draw the specified label. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawBorder()

virtual void wxGridRowHeaderRendererDefault::DrawBorder ( const wxGrid grid,
wxDC dc,
wxRect rect 
) const

Implement border drawing for the row labels.

Implements wxGridHeaderLabelsRenderer.