Version: 3.2.6
wxFile Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxFile, including all inherited members.

Access(const wxString &name, wxFile::OpenMode mode)wxFilestatic
Attach(int fd)wxFile
Create(const wxString &filename, bool overwrite=false, int access=wxS_DEFAULT)wxFile
Eof() constwxFile
Exists(const wxString &filename)wxFilestatic
fd() constwxFile
fd_invalid enum valuewxFile
fd_stderr enum valuewxFile
fd_stdin enum valuewxFile
fd_stdout enum valuewxFile
GetKind() constwxFile
GetLastError() constwxFile
IsOpened() constwxFile
Length() constwxFile
Open(const wxString &filename, wxFile::OpenMode mode=wxFile::read, int access=wxS_DEFAULT)wxFile
OpenMode enum namewxFile
read enum valuewxFile
Read(void *buffer, size_t count)wxFile
read_write enum valuewxFile
ReadAll(wxString *str, const wxMBConv &conv=wxConvAuto())wxFile
Seek(wxFileOffset ofs, wxSeekMode mode=wxFromStart)wxFile
SeekEnd(wxFileOffset ofs=0)wxFile
Tell() constwxFile
write enum valuewxFile
Write(const void *buffer, size_t count)wxFile
Write(const wxString &s, const wxMBConv &conv=wxConvAuto())wxFile
write_append enum valuewxFile
write_excl enum valuewxFile
wxFile(const wxString &filename, wxFile::OpenMode mode=wxFile::read)wxFile
wxFile(int fd)wxFile