Version: 3.2.5
wxBitmapDataObject Class Reference

#include <wx/dataobj.h>

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Detailed Description

wxBitmapDataObject is a specialization of wxDataObject for bitmap data.

It can be used without change to paste data into the wxClipboard or a wxDropSource. A user may wish to derive a new class from this class for providing a bitmap on-demand in order to minimize memory consumption when offering data in several formats, such as a bitmap and GIF.

This class may be used as is, but GetBitmap() may be overridden to increase efficiency.

Library:  wxCore
Category:  Clipboard and Drag & Drop
See also
Drag and Drop Overview, wxDataObject, wxDataObjectSimple, wxFileDataObject, wxTextDataObject, wxDataObject

Public Member Functions

 wxBitmapDataObject (const wxBitmap &bitmap=wxNullBitmap)
 Constructor, optionally passing a bitmap (otherwise use SetBitmap() later). More...
virtual wxBitmap GetBitmap () const
 Returns the bitmap associated with the data object. More...
virtual void SetBitmap (const wxBitmap &bitmap)
 Sets the bitmap associated with the data object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxDataObjectSimple
 wxDataObjectSimple (const wxDataFormat &format=wxFormatInvalid)
 Constructor accepts the supported format (none by default) which may also be set later with SetFormat(). More...
virtual bool GetDataHere (void *buf) const
 Copy the data to the buffer, return true on success. More...
virtual size_t GetDataSize () const
 Gets the size of our data. More...
const wxDataFormatGetFormat () const
 Returns the (one and only one) format supported by this object. More...
virtual bool SetData (size_t len, const void *buf)
 Copy the data from the buffer, return true on success. More...
void SetFormat (const wxDataFormat &format)
 Sets the supported format. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxDataObject
 wxDataObject ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~wxDataObject ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void GetAllFormats (wxDataFormat *formats, Direction dir=Get) const =0
 Copies all formats supported in the given direction dir to the array pointed to by formats. More...
virtual bool GetDataHere (const wxDataFormat &format, void *buf) const =0
 The method will write the data of the format format to the buffer buf. More...
virtual size_t GetDataSize (const wxDataFormat &format) const =0
 Returns the data size of the given format format. More...
virtual size_t GetFormatCount (Direction dir=Get) const =0
 Returns the number of available formats for rendering or setting the data. More...
virtual wxDataFormat GetPreferredFormat (Direction dir=Get) const =0
 Returns the preferred format for either rendering the data (if dir is Get, its default value) or for setting it. More...
virtual bool SetData (const wxDataFormat &format, size_t len, const void *buf)
 Set the data in the format format of the length len provided in the buffer buf. More...
bool IsSupported (const wxDataFormat &format, Direction dir=Get) const
 Returns true if this format is supported. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from wxDataObject
enum  Direction {
  Get = 0x01 ,
  Set = 0x02 ,
  Both = 0x03

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ wxBitmapDataObject()

wxBitmapDataObject::wxBitmapDataObject ( const wxBitmap bitmap = wxNullBitmap)

Constructor, optionally passing a bitmap (otherwise use SetBitmap() later).

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBitmap()

virtual wxBitmap wxBitmapDataObject::GetBitmap ( ) const

Returns the bitmap associated with the data object.

You may wish to override this method when offering data on-demand, but this is not required by wxWidgets' internals. Use this method to get data in bitmap form from the wxClipboard.

◆ SetBitmap()

virtual void wxBitmapDataObject::SetBitmap ( const wxBitmap bitmap)

Sets the bitmap associated with the data object.

This method is called when the data object receives data. Usually there will be no reason to override this function.