Version: 3.1.5
wxTextWrapper Class Referenceabstract

#include <wx/textwrapper.h>

Detailed Description

Helps wrap lines of text to given width.

This is a generic purpose class which can be used to wrap lines of text to the specified width. It doesn't do anything by itself but simply calls its virtual OnOutputLine() and OnNewLine() methods for each wrapped line of text, you need to implement them in your derived class to actually do something useful.

Here is an example function using this class which inserts hard line breaks into a string of text at the positions where it would be wrapped:

wxString WrapText(wxWindow *win, const wxString& text, int widthMax)
class HardBreakWrapper : public wxTextWrapper
HardBreakWrapper(wxWindow *win, const wxString& text, int widthMax)
Wrap(win, text, widthMax);
wxString const& GetWrapped() const { return m_wrapped; }
virtual void OnOutputLine(const wxString& line)
m_wrapped += line;
virtual void OnNewLine()
m_wrapped += '\n';
wxString m_wrapped;
HardBreakWrapper wrapper(win, text, widthMax);
return wrapper.GetWrapped();

Library:  None; this class implementation is entirely header-based.
Category:  Graphics Device Interface (GDI)

Public Member Functions

 wxTextWrapper ()
 Trivial default constructor. More...
void Wrap (wxWindow *win, const wxString &text, int widthMax)
 Wrap the given text. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnOutputLine (const wxString &line)=0
 Called by Wrap() for each wrapped line of text. More...
virtual void OnNewLine ()
 Called at the start of each subsequent line of text by Wrap(). More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxTextWrapper::wxTextWrapper ( )

Trivial default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void wxTextWrapper::OnNewLine ( )

Called at the start of each subsequent line of text by Wrap().

This method may not be called at all if the entire text passed to Wrap() fits into the specified width.

virtual void wxTextWrapper::OnOutputLine ( const wxString line)
protectedpure virtual

Called by Wrap() for each wrapped line of text.

This method will always be called at least once by Wrap(). Notice that line may be empty if the text passed to Wrap() was empty itself.

void wxTextWrapper::Wrap ( wxWindow win,
const wxString text,
int  widthMax 

Wrap the given text.

This method will call OnOutputLine() for every line of wrapped text and OnNewLine() before the beginning of every new line after the first one (so it might be never called at all if the width of entire text is less than widthMax).

winA non-NULL window used for measuring the text extents.
textThe text to wrap.
widthMaxMaximal width of each line of text or -1 to disable wrapping.