Version: 3.1.5
wxResourceTranslationsLoader Class Reference

#include <wx/translation.h>

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Detailed Description

This loader makes it possible to load translations from Windows resources.

If you wish to store translation MO files in resources, you have to enable this loader before calling wxTranslations::AddCatalog() or wxLocale::AddCatalog():

Translations are stored in resources as compiled MO files, with type set to "MOFILE" (unless you override GetResourceType()) and name consisting of the domain, followed by underscore, followed by language identification. For example, the relevant part of .rc file would look like this:

myapp_de MOFILE "catalogs/de/"
myapp_fr MOFILE "catalogs/fr/"
myapp_en_GB MOFILE "catalogs/en_GB/"

This class is only available on Windows.


Protected Member Functions

virtual wxString GetResourceType () const
 Returns resource type to use for translations. More...
virtual WXHINSTANCE GetModule () const
 Returns handle of the module to load resources from. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from wxTranslationsLoader
 wxTranslationsLoader ()
 Trivial default constructor. More...
virtual wxMsgCatalogLoadCatalog (const wxString &domain, const wxString &lang)=0
 Called to load requested catalog. More...
virtual wxArrayString GetAvailableTranslations (const wxString &domain) const =0
 Implements wxTranslations::GetAvailableTranslations(). More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual WXHINSTANCE wxResourceTranslationsLoader::GetModule ( ) const

Returns handle of the module to load resources from.

By default, the main executable is used.

virtual wxString wxResourceTranslationsLoader::GetResourceType ( ) const

Returns resource type to use for translations.

Default type is "MOFILE".