Version: 3.1.5
wxPenInfo Class Reference

#include <wx/pen.h>

Detailed Description

This class is a helper used for wxPen creation using named parameter idiom: it allows specifying various wxPen attributes using the chained calls to its clearly named methods instead of passing them in the fixed order to wxPen constructors.

For instance, to create a dotted blue pen with the given join style you could do

wxPen pen(wxPenInfo(*wxBLUE).Style(wxPENSTYLE_DOT).Join(wxJOIN_BEVEL));

Public Member Functions

 wxPenInfo (const wxColour &colour=wxColour(), int width=1, wxPenStyle style=wxPENSTYLE_SOLID)
wxPenInfoColour (const wxColour &col)
wxPenInfoWidth (int width)
wxPenInfoStyle (wxPenStyle style)
wxPenInfoStipple (const wxBitmap &stipple)
wxPenInfoDashes (int nb_dashes, const wxDash *dash)
wxPenInfoJoin (wxPenJoin join)
wxPenInfoCap (wxPenCap cap)
wxPenInfoQuality (wxPenQuality quality)
 Set the pen quality. More...
wxPenInfoLowQuality ()
 Set low pen quality. More...
wxPenInfoHighQuality ()
 Set high pen quality. More...
wxPenInfoLowQuality ()
wxColour GetColour () const
wxBitmap GetStipple () const
wxPenStyle GetStyle () const
wxPenJoin GetJoin () const
wxPenCap GetCap () const
wxPenQuality GetQuality () const
int GetDashes (wxDash **ptr)
int GetDashCount () const
wxDash * GetDash () const
bool IsTransparent () const
int GetWidth () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxPenInfo::wxPenInfo ( const wxColour colour = wxColour(),
int  width = 1,
wxPenStyle  style = wxPENSTYLE_SOLID 

Member Function Documentation

wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Cap ( wxPenCap  cap)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Colour ( const wxColour col)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Dashes ( int  nb_dashes,
const wxDash *  dash 
wxPenCap wxPenInfo::GetCap ( ) const
wxColour wxPenInfo::GetColour ( ) const
wxDash* wxPenInfo::GetDash ( ) const
int wxPenInfo::GetDashCount ( ) const
int wxPenInfo::GetDashes ( wxDash **  ptr)
wxPenJoin wxPenInfo::GetJoin ( ) const
wxPenQuality wxPenInfo::GetQuality ( ) const
wxBitmap wxPenInfo::GetStipple ( ) const
wxPenStyle wxPenInfo::GetStyle ( ) const
int wxPenInfo::GetWidth ( ) const
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::HighQuality ( )

Set high pen quality.

This is the same as calling Quality() with wxPEN_QUALITY_HIGH.

bool wxPenInfo::IsTransparent ( ) const
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Join ( wxPenJoin  join)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::LowQuality ( )

Set low pen quality.

This is the same as calling Quality() with wxPEN_QUALITY_LOW.

wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::LowQuality ( )
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Quality ( wxPenQuality  quality)

Set the pen quality.

Using LowQuality() or HighQuality() is usually more convenient.

See also
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Stipple ( const wxBitmap stipple)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Style ( wxPenStyle  style)
wxPenInfo& wxPenInfo::Width ( int  width)