Version: 3.1.5
wxPGValidationInfo Class Reference

#include <wx/propgrid/propgrid.h>

Detailed Description

Used to convey validation information to and from functions that actually perform validation.

Mostly used in custom property classes.

Public Member Functions

wxPGVFBFlags GetFailureBehavior ()
const wxStringGetFailureMessage () const
 Returns current failure message. More...
wxVariantGetValue ()
 Returns reference to pending value. More...
void SetFailureBehavior (wxPGVFBFlags failureBehavior)
 Set validation failure behaviour. More...
void SetFailureMessage (const wxString &message)
 Set current failure message. More...


class wxPropertyGrid

Member Function Documentation

wxPGVFBFlags wxPGValidationInfo::GetFailureBehavior ( )
Returns failure behaviour which is a combination of wxPropertyGrid Validation Failure behaviour Flags.
const wxString& wxPGValidationInfo::GetFailureMessage ( ) const

Returns current failure message.

wxVariant& wxPGValidationInfo::GetValue ( )

Returns reference to pending value.

void wxPGValidationInfo::SetFailureBehavior ( wxPGVFBFlags  failureBehavior)

Set validation failure behaviour.

failureBehaviorMixture of wxPropertyGrid Validation Failure behaviour Flags.
void wxPGValidationInfo::SetFailureMessage ( const wxString message)

Set current failure message.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class wxPropertyGrid