Version: 3.1.5
wxPGVIterator Class Reference

#include <wx/propgrid/propgridpagestate.h>

Detailed Description


Abstract implementation of a simple iterator. Can only be used to iterate in forward order, and only through the entire container. Used to have functions dealing with all properties work with both wxPropertyGrid and wxPropertyGridManager.

Public Member Functions

 wxPGVIterator ()
 wxPGVIterator (wxPGVIteratorBase *obj)
 ~wxPGVIterator ()
void UnRef ()
 wxPGVIterator (const wxPGVIterator &it)
const wxPGVIteratoroperator= (const wxPGVIterator &it)
void Next ()
bool AtEnd () const
wxPGPropertyGetProperty () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxPGVIterator::wxPGVIterator ( )
wxPGVIterator::wxPGVIterator ( wxPGVIteratorBase *  obj)
wxPGVIterator::~wxPGVIterator ( )
wxPGVIterator::wxPGVIterator ( const wxPGVIterator it)

Member Function Documentation

bool wxPGVIterator::AtEnd ( ) const
wxPGProperty* wxPGVIterator::GetProperty ( ) const
void wxPGVIterator::Next ( )
const wxPGVIterator& wxPGVIterator::operator= ( const wxPGVIterator it)
void wxPGVIterator::UnRef ( )