Version: 3.1.5
wxNativeFontInfo Class Reference

#include <wx/fontutil.h>

Detailed Description

wxNativeFontInfo is platform-specific font representation: this class should be considered as an opaque font description only used by the native functions, the user code can only get the objects of this type from somewhere and pass it somewhere else (possibly save them somewhere using ToString() and restore them using FromString())

Library:  wxCore
Category:  Graphics Device Interface (GDI)

Public Member Functions

 wxNativeFontInfo ()
 wxNativeFontInfo (const wxNativeFontInfo &info)
 ~wxNativeFontInfo ()
wxNativeFontInfooperator= (const wxNativeFontInfo &info)
void Init ()
void InitFromFont (const wxFont &font)
int GetPointSize () const
float GetFractionalPointSize () const
wxSize GetPixelSize () const
wxFontStyle GetStyle () const
int GetNumericWeight () const
wxFontWeight GetWeight () const
bool GetUnderlined () const
wxString GetFaceName () const
wxFontFamily GetFamily () const
wxFontEncoding GetEncoding () const
void SetPointSize (int pointsize)
void SetFractionalPointSize (float pointsize)
void SetPixelSize (const wxSize &pixelSize)
void SetStyle (wxFontStyle style)
void SetNumericWeight (int weight)
void SetWeight (wxFontWeight weight)
void SetUnderlined (bool underlined)
bool SetFaceName (const wxString &facename)
void SetFamily (wxFontFamily family)
void SetEncoding (wxFontEncoding encoding)
void SetFaceName (const wxArrayString &facenames)
bool FromString (const wxString &s)
wxString ToString () const
bool FromUserString (const wxString &s)
wxString ToUserString () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxNativeFontInfo::wxNativeFontInfo ( )
wxNativeFontInfo::wxNativeFontInfo ( const wxNativeFontInfo info)
wxNativeFontInfo::~wxNativeFontInfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool wxNativeFontInfo::FromString ( const wxString s)
bool wxNativeFontInfo::FromUserString ( const wxString s)
wxFontEncoding wxNativeFontInfo::GetEncoding ( ) const
wxString wxNativeFontInfo::GetFaceName ( ) const
wxFontFamily wxNativeFontInfo::GetFamily ( ) const
float wxNativeFontInfo::GetFractionalPointSize ( ) const
int wxNativeFontInfo::GetNumericWeight ( ) const
wxSize wxNativeFontInfo::GetPixelSize ( ) const
int wxNativeFontInfo::GetPointSize ( ) const
wxFontStyle wxNativeFontInfo::GetStyle ( ) const
bool wxNativeFontInfo::GetUnderlined ( ) const
wxFontWeight wxNativeFontInfo::GetWeight ( ) const
void wxNativeFontInfo::Init ( )
void wxNativeFontInfo::InitFromFont ( const wxFont font)
wxNativeFontInfo& wxNativeFontInfo::operator= ( const wxNativeFontInfo info)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetEncoding ( wxFontEncoding  encoding)
bool wxNativeFontInfo::SetFaceName ( const wxString facename)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetFaceName ( const wxArrayString facenames)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetFamily ( wxFontFamily  family)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetFractionalPointSize ( float  pointsize)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetNumericWeight ( int  weight)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetPixelSize ( const wxSize pixelSize)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetPointSize ( int  pointsize)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetStyle ( wxFontStyle  style)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetUnderlined ( bool  underlined)
void wxNativeFontInfo::SetWeight ( wxFontWeight  weight)
wxString wxNativeFontInfo::ToString ( ) const
wxString wxNativeFontInfo::ToUserString ( ) const