Version: 3.1.5
wxHeaderColumn Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxHeaderColumn, including all inherited members.

GetAlignment() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual
GetBitmap() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual
GetFlags() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual
GetMinWidth() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual
GetTitle() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual
GetWidth() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual
HasFlag(int flag) const wxHeaderColumn
IsHidden() const wxHeaderColumnvirtual
IsReorderable() const wxHeaderColumnvirtual
IsResizeable() const wxHeaderColumnvirtual
IsShown() const wxHeaderColumn
IsSortable() const wxHeaderColumnvirtual
IsSortKey() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual
IsSortOrderAscending() const =0wxHeaderColumnpure virtual