Version: 3.1.5
wxCharTypeBuffer< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxCharTypeBuffer< T >, including all inherited members.

CharType typedefwxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
CreateNonOwned(const CharType *str, size_t len=wxNO_LEN)wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >static
CreateOwned(CharType *str, size_t len=wxNO_LEN)wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >static
data()wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
data() const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
extend(size_t len)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
length() const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
operator const CharType *() const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
operator=(const CharType *str)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
operator=(const wxCharTypeBuffer &src)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
operator=(const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T > &src)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
operator[](size_t n) const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
release() const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
reset()wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
shrink(size_t len)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
wxCharTypeBuffer(const CharType *str=NULL, size_t len=wxNO_LEN)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
wxCharTypeBuffer(size_t len)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
wxCharTypeBuffer(const wxCharTypeBuffer &src)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
wxCharTypeBuffer(const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T > &src)wxCharTypeBuffer< T >
wxScopedCharTypeBuffer()wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
wxScopedCharTypeBuffer(const wxScopedCharTypeBuffer &src)wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >
~wxScopedCharTypeBuffer()wxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >