Version: 3.1.3
datetime.h File Reference


class  wxDateTime
 wxDateTime class represents an absolute moment in time. More...
class  wxDateTime::TimeZone
 Class representing a time zone. More...
struct  wxDateTime::Tm
 Contains broken down date-time representation. More...
class  wxDateTimeWorkDays
class  wxDateSpan
 This class is a "logical time span" and is useful for implementing program logic for such things as "add one month to the date" which, in general, doesn't mean to add 60*60*24*31 seconds to it, but to take the same date the next month (to understand that this is indeed different consider adding one month to Feb, 15 – we want to get Mar, 15, of course). More...
class  wxTimeSpan
 wxTimeSpan class represents a time interval. More...
class  wxDateTimeHolidayAuthority


#define wxInvalidDateTime   wxDefaultDateTime


const wxDateTime wxDefaultDateTime
 Global instance of an empty wxDateTime object. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define wxInvalidDateTime   wxDefaultDateTime

Variable Documentation

const wxDateTime wxDefaultDateTime

Global instance of an empty wxDateTime object.

Would it be better to rename this wxNullDateTime so it's consistent with the rest of the "empty/invalid/null" global objects?