Version: 3.1.3
wxPropertyGridIteratorBase Class Reference

#include <wx/propgrid/propgridpagestate.h>

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Detailed Description

Base for wxPropertyGridIterator classes.


Preferable way to iterate through contents of wxPropertyGrid, wxPropertyGridManager, and wxPropertyGridPage.

See wxPropertyGridInterface::GetIterator() for more information about usage.

Library:  wxPropertyGrid
Category:  wxPropertyGrid

Public Member Functions

 wxPropertyGridIteratorBase ()
void Assign (const wxPropertyGridIteratorBase &it)
bool AtEnd () const
wxPGPropertyGetProperty () const
 Get current property. More...
void Init (wxPropertyGridPageState *state, int flags, wxPGProperty *property, int dir=1)
void Init (wxPropertyGridPageState *state, int flags, int startPos=wxTOP, int dir=0)
void Next (bool iterateChildren=true)
 Iterate to the next property. More...
void Prev ()
 Iterate to the previous property. More...
void SetBaseParent (wxPGProperty *baseParent)
 Set base parent, i.e. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::wxPropertyGridIteratorBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

void wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::Assign ( const wxPropertyGridIteratorBase it)
bool wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::AtEnd ( ) const
wxPGProperty* wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::GetProperty ( ) const

Get current property.

void wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::Init ( wxPropertyGridPageState state,
int  flags,
wxPGProperty property,
int  dir = 1 
void wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::Init ( wxPropertyGridPageState state,
int  flags,
int  startPos = wxTOP,
int  dir = 0 
void wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::Next ( bool  iterateChildren = true)

Iterate to the next property.

void wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::Prev ( )

Iterate to the previous property.

void wxPropertyGridIteratorBase::SetBaseParent ( wxPGProperty baseParent)

Set base parent, i.e.

a property when, in which iteration returns, it ends.

Default base parent is the root of the used wxPropertyGridPageState.