Version: 3.1.3
wxAuiTabContainer Class Reference

#include <wx/aui/auibook.h>

Detailed Description

wxAuiTabContainer is a class which contains information about each tab.

It also can render an entire tab control to a specified DC. It's not a window class itself, because this code will be used by the wxAuiNotebook, where it is disadvantageous to have separate windows for each tab control in the case of "docked tabs".

A derived class, wxAuiTabCtrl, is an actual wxWindow - derived window which can be used as a tab control in the normal sense.

Library:  wxAui
Category:  Window Docking (wxAUI)

Public Member Functions

 wxAuiTabContainer ()
 Default ctor. More...
virtual ~wxAuiTabContainer ()
 Default dtor. More...
void SetArtProvider (wxAuiTabArt *art)
wxAuiTabArtGetArtProvider () const
void SetFlags (unsigned int flags)
unsigned int GetFlags () const
bool AddPage (wxWindow *page, const wxAuiNotebookPage &info)
bool InsertPage (wxWindow *page, const wxAuiNotebookPage &info, size_t idx)
bool MovePage (wxWindow *page, size_t newIdx)
bool RemovePage (wxWindow *page)
bool SetActivePage (wxWindow *page)
bool SetActivePage (size_t page)
void SetNoneActive ()
int GetActivePage () const
bool TabHitTest (int x, int y, wxWindow **hit) const
bool ButtonHitTest (int x, int y, wxAuiTabContainerButton **hit) const
wxWindowGetWindowFromIdx (size_t idx) const
int GetIdxFromWindow (wxWindow *page) const
size_t GetPageCount () const
wxAuiNotebookPageGetPage (size_t idx)
const wxAuiNotebookPageGetPage (size_t idx) const
wxAuiNotebookPageArray & GetPages ()
void SetNormalFont (const wxFont &normalFont)
void SetSelectedFont (const wxFont &selectedFont)
void SetMeasuringFont (const wxFont &measuringFont)
void SetColour (const wxColour &colour)
void SetActiveColour (const wxColour &colour)
void DoShowHide ()
void SetRect (const wxRect &rect)
void RemoveButton (int id)
void AddButton (int id, int location, const wxBitmap &normalBitmap=wxNullBitmap, const wxBitmap &disabledBitmap=wxNullBitmap)
size_t GetTabOffset () const
void SetTabOffset (size_t offset)
bool IsTabVisible (int tabPage, int tabOffset, wxDC *dc, wxWindow *wnd)
void MakeTabVisible (int tabPage, wxWindow *win)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Render (wxDC *dc, wxWindow *wnd)

Protected Attributes

wxAuiNotebookPageArray m_pages
wxAuiTabContainerButtonArray m_buttons
wxAuiTabContainerButtonArray m_tabCloseButtons
wxRect m_rect
size_t m_tabOffset
unsigned int m_flags

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxAuiTabContainer::wxAuiTabContainer ( )

Default ctor.

virtual wxAuiTabContainer::~wxAuiTabContainer ( )

Default dtor.

Member Function Documentation

void wxAuiTabContainer::AddButton ( int  id,
int  location,
const wxBitmap normalBitmap = wxNullBitmap,
const wxBitmap disabledBitmap = wxNullBitmap 
bool wxAuiTabContainer::AddPage ( wxWindow page,
const wxAuiNotebookPage info 
bool wxAuiTabContainer::ButtonHitTest ( int  x,
int  y,
wxAuiTabContainerButton **  hit 
) const
void wxAuiTabContainer::DoShowHide ( )
int wxAuiTabContainer::GetActivePage ( ) const
wxAuiTabArt* wxAuiTabContainer::GetArtProvider ( ) const
unsigned int wxAuiTabContainer::GetFlags ( ) const
int wxAuiTabContainer::GetIdxFromWindow ( wxWindow page) const
wxAuiNotebookPage& wxAuiTabContainer::GetPage ( size_t  idx)
const wxAuiNotebookPage& wxAuiTabContainer::GetPage ( size_t  idx) const
size_t wxAuiTabContainer::GetPageCount ( ) const
wxAuiNotebookPageArray& wxAuiTabContainer::GetPages ( )
size_t wxAuiTabContainer::GetTabOffset ( ) const
wxWindow* wxAuiTabContainer::GetWindowFromIdx ( size_t  idx) const
bool wxAuiTabContainer::InsertPage ( wxWindow page,
const wxAuiNotebookPage info,
size_t  idx 
bool wxAuiTabContainer::IsTabVisible ( int  tabPage,
int  tabOffset,
wxDC dc,
wxWindow wnd 
void wxAuiTabContainer::MakeTabVisible ( int  tabPage,
wxWindow win 
bool wxAuiTabContainer::MovePage ( wxWindow page,
size_t  newIdx 
void wxAuiTabContainer::RemoveButton ( int  id)
bool wxAuiTabContainer::RemovePage ( wxWindow page)
virtual void wxAuiTabContainer::Render ( wxDC dc,
wxWindow wnd 
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetActiveColour ( const wxColour colour)
bool wxAuiTabContainer::SetActivePage ( wxWindow page)
bool wxAuiTabContainer::SetActivePage ( size_t  page)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetArtProvider ( wxAuiTabArt art)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetColour ( const wxColour colour)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetFlags ( unsigned int  flags)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetMeasuringFont ( const wxFont measuringFont)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetNoneActive ( )
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetNormalFont ( const wxFont normalFont)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetRect ( const wxRect rect)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetSelectedFont ( const wxFont selectedFont)
void wxAuiTabContainer::SetTabOffset ( size_t  offset)
bool wxAuiTabContainer::TabHitTest ( int  x,
int  y,
wxWindow **  hit 
) const

Member Data Documentation

wxAuiTabArt* wxAuiTabContainer::m_art
wxAuiTabContainerButtonArray wxAuiTabContainer::m_buttons
unsigned int wxAuiTabContainer::m_flags
wxAuiNotebookPageArray wxAuiTabContainer::m_pages
wxRect wxAuiTabContainer::m_rect
wxAuiTabContainerButtonArray wxAuiTabContainer::m_tabCloseButtons
size_t wxAuiTabContainer::m_tabOffset