Version: 3.1.0
wxSystemThemedControl< C > Class Template Reference

#include <wx/systhemectrl.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class C>
class wxSystemThemedControl< C >

A helper class making it possible to use system theme for any control.

Under MSW, there an alternative theme available for the list and list-like controls since Windows Vista. This theme us used by Windows Explorer list and tree view and so is arguably more familiar to the users than the standard appearance of these controls.

This class is used in wxWidgets to enable this system theme in wxTreeCtrl, wxListCtrl and wxDataViewCtrl and thus give them the same, familiar look. It can also be used as a helper for implementing custom controls with the same appearance. Notice that when using this class it is especially important to use wxRendererNative::DrawItemSelectionRect() and wxRendererNative::DrawItemText() to draw the control items to ensure that they appear correctly under all platforms and Windows versions.

The following example shows implementation of a system theme enabled wxVListBox:

class MyListCtrl : public wxSystemThemedControl<wxVListBox>
MyListCtrl(wxWindow* parent)
void OnDrawItem(wxDC& dc, const wxRect& rect, size_t n) const wxOVERRIDE
wxRendererNative::GetDefault().DrawItemText(this, dc, "Item #x", rect);

On non-MSW platforms this class currently does nothing but is still available, so that it can be used in portable code without any conditional compilation directives.

Category:  Miscellaneous Windows
See also
wxTreeCtrl, wxListCtrl, wxDataViewCtrl, wxRendererNative

Public Member Functions

 wxSystemThemedControl ()
 Trival default constructor. More...
void EnableSystemTheme (bool enable=true)
 This method may be called to disable the system theme of controls using it by default. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class C >
wxSystemThemedControl< C >::wxSystemThemedControl ( )

Trival default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

template<class C >
void wxSystemThemedControl< C >::EnableSystemTheme ( bool  enable = true)

This method may be called to disable the system theme of controls using it by default.