Version: 3.0.5

#include <wx/stc/stc.h>

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Detailed Description

The type of events sent from wxStyledTextCtrl.

list styled text ctrl events.

Library:  wxSTC
Category:  Events, Scintilla Text Editor

Public Member Functions

 wxStyledTextEvent (wxEventType commandType=0, int id=0)
 wxStyledTextEvent (const wxStyledTextEvent &event)
 ~wxStyledTextEvent ()
void SetPosition (int pos)
void SetKey (int k)
void SetModifiers (int m)
void SetModificationType (int t)
void SetText (const wxString &t)
void SetLength (int len)
void SetLinesAdded (int num)
void SetLine (int val)
void SetFoldLevelNow (int val)
void SetFoldLevelPrev (int val)
void SetMargin (int val)
void SetMessage (int val)
void SetWParam (int val)
void SetLParam (int val)
void SetListType (int val)
void SetX (int val)
void SetY (int val)
void SetToken (int val)
void SetAnnotationLinesAdded (int val)
void SetUpdated (int val)
void SetDragText (const wxString &val)
void SetDragFlags (int flags)
void SetDragResult (wxDragResult val)
int GetPosition () const
int GetKey () const
int GetModifiers () const
int GetModificationType () const
wxString GetText () const
int GetLength () const
int GetLinesAdded () const
int GetLine () const
int GetFoldLevelNow () const
int GetFoldLevelPrev () const
int GetMargin () const
int GetMessage () const
int GetWParam () const
int GetLParam () const
int GetListType () const
int GetX () const
int GetY () const
int GetToken () const
int GetAnnotationsLinesAdded () const
int GetUpdated () const
wxString GetDragText ()
int GetDragFlags ()
wxDragResult GetDragResult ()
bool GetShift () const
bool GetControl () const
bool GetAlt () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxCommandEvent
 wxCommandEvent (wxEventType commandEventType=wxEVT_NULL, int id=0)
 Constructor. More...
void * GetClientData () const
 Returns client data pointer for a listbox or choice selection event (not valid for a deselection). More...
wxClientDataGetClientObject () const
 Returns client object pointer for a listbox or choice selection event (not valid for a deselection). More...
long GetExtraLong () const
 Returns extra information dependent on the event objects type. More...
int GetInt () const
 Returns the integer identifier corresponding to a listbox, choice or radiobox selection (only if the event was a selection, not a deselection), or a boolean value representing the value of a checkbox. More...
int GetSelection () const
 Returns item index for a listbox or choice selection event (not valid for a deselection). More...
wxString GetString () const
 Returns item string for a listbox or choice selection event. More...
bool IsChecked () const
 This method can be used with checkbox and menu events: for the checkboxes, the method returns true for a selection event and false for a deselection one. More...
bool IsSelection () const
 For a listbox or similar event, returns true if it is a selection, false if it is a deselection. More...
void SetClientData (void *clientData)
 Sets the client data for this event. More...
void SetClientObject (wxClientData *clientObject)
 Sets the client object for this event. More...
void SetExtraLong (long extraLong)
 Sets the m_extraLong member. More...
void SetInt (int intCommand)
 Sets the m_commandInt member. More...
void SetString (const wxString &string)
 Sets the m_commandString member. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxEvent
 wxEvent (int id=0, wxEventType eventType=wxEVT_NULL)
 Constructor. More...
virtual wxEventClone () const =0
 Returns a copy of the event. More...
wxObjectGetEventObject () const
 Returns the object (usually a window) associated with the event, if any. More...
wxEventType GetEventType () const
 Returns the identifier of the given event type, such as wxEVT_BUTTON. More...
virtual wxEventCategory GetEventCategory () const
 Returns a generic category for this event. More...
int GetId () const
 Returns the identifier associated with this event, such as a button command id. More...
wxObjectGetEventUserData () const
 Return the user data associated with a dynamically connected event handler. More...
bool GetSkipped () const
 Returns true if the event handler should be skipped, false otherwise. More...
long GetTimestamp () const
 Gets the timestamp for the event. More...
bool IsCommandEvent () const
 Returns true if the event is or is derived from wxCommandEvent else it returns false. More...
void ResumePropagation (int propagationLevel)
 Sets the propagation level to the given value (for example returned from an earlier call to wxEvent::StopPropagation). More...
void SetEventObject (wxObject *object)
 Sets the originating object. More...
void SetEventType (wxEventType type)
 Sets the event type. More...
void SetId (int id)
 Sets the identifier associated with this event, such as a button command id. More...
void SetTimestamp (long timeStamp=0)
 Sets the timestamp for the event. More...
bool ShouldPropagate () const
 Test if this event should be propagated or not, i.e. if the propagation level is currently greater than 0. More...
void Skip (bool skip=true)
 This method can be used inside an event handler to control whether further event handlers bound to this event will be called after the current one returns. More...
int StopPropagation ()
 Stop the event from propagating to its parent window. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxObject
 wxObject ()
 Default ctor; initializes to NULL the internal reference data. More...
 wxObject (const wxObject &other)
 Copy ctor. More...
virtual ~wxObject ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual wxClassInfoGetClassInfo () const
 This virtual function is redefined for every class that requires run-time type information, when using the wxDECLARE_CLASS macro (or similar). More...
wxObjectRefDataGetRefData () const
 Returns the wxObject::m_refData pointer, i.e. the data referenced by this object. More...
bool IsKindOf (const wxClassInfo *info) const
 Determines whether this class is a subclass of (or the same class as) the given class. More...
bool IsSameAs (const wxObject &obj) const
 Returns true if this object has the same data pointer as obj. More...
void Ref (const wxObject &clone)
 Makes this object refer to the data in clone. More...
void SetRefData (wxObjectRefData *data)
 Sets the wxObject::m_refData pointer. More...
void UnRef ()
 Decrements the reference count in the associated data, and if it is zero, deletes the data. More...
void UnShare ()
 This is the same of AllocExclusive() but this method is public. More...
void operator delete (void *buf)
 The delete operator is defined for debugging versions of the library only, when the identifier WXDEBUG is defined. More...
void * operator new (size_t size, const wxString &filename=NULL, int lineNum=0)
 The new operator is defined for debugging versions of the library only, when the identifier WXDEBUG is defined. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from wxObject
void AllocExclusive ()
 Ensure that this object's data is not shared with any other object. More...
virtual wxObjectRefDataCreateRefData () const
 Creates a new instance of the wxObjectRefData-derived class specific to this object and returns it. More...
virtual wxObjectRefDataCloneRefData (const wxObjectRefData *data) const
 Creates a new instance of the wxObjectRefData-derived class specific to this object and initializes it copying data. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from wxEvent
int m_propagationLevel
 Indicates how many levels the event can propagate. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from wxObject
 Pointer to an object which is the object's reference-counted data. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxStyledTextEvent::wxStyledTextEvent ( wxEventType  commandType = 0,
int  id = 0 
wxStyledTextEvent::wxStyledTextEvent ( const wxStyledTextEvent event)
wxStyledTextEvent::~wxStyledTextEvent ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool wxStyledTextEvent::GetAlt ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetAnnotationsLinesAdded ( ) const
bool wxStyledTextEvent::GetControl ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetDragFlags ( )
wxDragResult wxStyledTextEvent::GetDragResult ( )
wxString wxStyledTextEvent::GetDragText ( )
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetFoldLevelNow ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetFoldLevelPrev ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetKey ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetLength ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetLine ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetLinesAdded ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetListType ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetLParam ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetMargin ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetMessage ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetModificationType ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetModifiers ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetPosition ( ) const
bool wxStyledTextEvent::GetShift ( ) const
wxString wxStyledTextEvent::GetText ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetToken ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetUpdated ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetWParam ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetX ( ) const
int wxStyledTextEvent::GetY ( ) const
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetAnnotationLinesAdded ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetDragFlags ( int  flags)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetDragResult ( wxDragResult  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetDragText ( const wxString val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetFoldLevelNow ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetFoldLevelPrev ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetKey ( int  k)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetLength ( int  len)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetLine ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetLinesAdded ( int  num)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetListType ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetLParam ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetMargin ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetMessage ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetModificationType ( int  t)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetModifiers ( int  m)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetPosition ( int  pos)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetText ( const wxString t)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetToken ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetUpdated ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetWParam ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetX ( int  val)
void wxStyledTextEvent::SetY ( int  val)