Version: 3.0.5
wxRichMessageDialog Class Reference

#include <wx/richmsgdlg.h>

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Detailed Description

Extension of wxMessageDialog with additional functionality.

This class adds the possibility of using a checkbox (that is especially useful for implementing the "Don't ask me again" kind of dialogs) and an extra explanatory text which is initially collapsed and not shown to the user but can be expanded to show more information.

Notice that currently the native dialog is used only under MSW when using Vista or later Windows version. Elsewhere, or for older versions of Windows, a generic implementation which is less familiar to the users is used. Because of this it's recommended to use this class only if you do need its extra functionality and use wxMessageDialog which does have native implementation under all platforms otherwise. However if you do need to put e.g. a checkbox in a dialog, you should definitely consider using this class instead of using your own custom dialog because it will have much better appearance at least under recent Windows versions.

To use this class, you need to create the dialog object and call ShowCheckBox() and/or ShowDetailedText() to configure its contents. Other than that, it is used in exactly the same way as wxMessageDialog and supports all the styles supported by it. In particular, ShowModal() return value is the same as for wxMessageDialog. The only difference is that you need to use IsCheckBoxChecked() to examine the checkbox value if you had called ShowCheckBox().

Here is a simple example:

void MyFrame::ShowDialog()
if ( ... shouldn't show this dialog again ... )
wxRichMessageDialog dlg(this, "Welcome to my wonderful program!");
dlg.ShowCheckBox("Don't show welcome dialog again");
dlg.ShowModal(); // return value ignored as we have "Ok" only anyhow
if ( dlg.IsCheckBoxChecked() )
... make sure we won't show it again the next time ...

Library:  wxCore
Category:  Common Dialogs
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Public Member Functions

 wxRichMessageDialog (wxWindow *parent, const wxString &message, const wxString &caption=wxMessageBoxCaptionStr, long style=wxOK|wxCENTRE)
 Constructor specifying the rich message dialog properties. More...
void ShowCheckBox (const wxString &checkBoxText, bool checked=false)
 Shows a checkbox with a given label or hides it. More...
wxString GetCheckBoxText () const
 Retrieves the label for the checkbox. More...
void ShowDetailedText (const wxString &detailedText)
 Shows or hides a detailed text and an expander that is used to show or hide the detailed text. More...
wxString GetDetailedText () const
 Retrieves the detailed text. More...
bool IsCheckBoxChecked () const
 Retrieves the state of the checkbox. More...
virtual int ShowModal ()
 Shows the dialog, returning one of wxID_OK, wxID_CANCEL, wxID_YES, wxID_NO. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxRichMessageDialog::wxRichMessageDialog ( wxWindow parent,
const wxString message,
const wxString caption = wxMessageBoxCaptionStr,
long  style = wxOK|wxCENTRE 

Constructor specifying the rich message dialog properties.

Works just like the constructor for wxMessageDialog.

Member Function Documentation

wxString wxRichMessageDialog::GetCheckBoxText ( ) const

Retrieves the label for the checkbox.

The label for the checkbox, will be the empty string if no checkbox is used.
wxString wxRichMessageDialog::GetDetailedText ( ) const

Retrieves the detailed text.

The detailed text or empty if detailed text is not used.
bool wxRichMessageDialog::IsCheckBoxChecked ( ) const

Retrieves the state of the checkbox.

If this method is called before showing the dialog, the initial value of the checkbox, as set by ShowCheckBox() is used. If it is called after calling wxDialog::ShowModal(), the value set by the user is returned.

true if the checkbox is checked or false if not.
void wxRichMessageDialog::ShowCheckBox ( const wxString checkBoxText,
bool  checked = false 

Shows a checkbox with a given label or hides it.

checkBoxTextIf the parameter is non-empty a checkbox will be shown with that label, otherwise it will be hidden.
checkedThe initial state of the checkbox.
void wxRichMessageDialog::ShowDetailedText ( const wxString detailedText)

Shows or hides a detailed text and an expander that is used to show or hide the detailed text.

detailedTextThe detailed text that can be expanded when the dialog is shown, if empty no detailed text will be used.
virtual int wxRichMessageDialog::ShowModal ( )

Shows the dialog, returning one of wxID_OK, wxID_CANCEL, wxID_YES, wxID_NO.

IsCheckBoxChecked() can be called afterwards to retrieve the value of the check box if one was used.