Version: 3.0.5
wxGridCornerHeaderRenderer Class Referenceabstract

#include <wx/grid.h>

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Detailed Description

Base class for corner window renderer.

This is the simplest of all header renderers and only has a single function.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void DrawBorder (const wxGrid &grid, wxDC &dc, wxRect &rect) const =0
 Called by the grid to draw the corner window border. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual void wxGridCornerHeaderRenderer::DrawBorder ( const wxGrid grid,
wxDC dc,
wxRect rect 
) const
pure virtual

Called by the grid to draw the corner window border.

This method is responsible for drawing the border inside the given rect and adjusting the rectangle size to correspond to the area inside the border, i.e. usually call wxRect::Deflate() to account for the border width.

gridThe grid whose corner window is being drawn.
dcThe device context to use for drawing.
rectInput/output parameter which contains the border rectangle on input and should be updated to contain the area inside the border on function return.

Implemented in wxGridCornerHeaderRendererDefault, wxGridColumnHeaderRendererDefault, and wxGridRowHeaderRendererDefault.